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Beast With Four Eyes is an Aaahh!!! Real Monsters episode from the 4th season. It first aired on November 1, 1997.

Characters present

Beast With Four Eyes
Episode 92 (Season 4, Episode 8B)
Airdate November 1, 1997
Directed by Zhenia Delioussine
Bob Hathcock
Anthony Bell
Written by Bill Braunstein
David Regal
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
"The Great Escape"
"Side by Side"

Ickis Oblina Krumm Gromble Urbab Kriggle


When Krumm is forced to wear glasses to correct his inexplicably blurry vision, he finds himself the object of mocking on the part of the other students. Krumm tries to go without his glasses, but he and all the students learn their value when a bespectacled Krumm saves a group of monsters after a scare goes wrong.


A can of cleaning disinfectant falls out of a driving King Kleen pickup truck and rolls down the road and into the dump. The liquid pours out and below the ground, Krumm wakes up with blurry vision. When Ickis and Oblina wake up to go to class, Krumm follows along, only to bump into the wall in the process. As he barely makes it to the academy, The Gromble discerns him and discovers that Krumm has poor vision. So the young monster is taken to the eye doctor and fails the reading chart test. The monster eye doctor offers him a pair of eye glasses. But the young monster is teased by the other students when they see him in them and he decides to skip class for the advanced scares. So Ickis and Oblina find Krumm in their dorm and Krumm tells them that he could do the scare without his glasses on.

At the construction site, the monsters climb the steel building and successfully scare a construction worker, who jumps off a building and has his belt hung to a crane hook. The monsters discover that Krumm is missing, and the monster has meandered to a control panel, which he accidentally presses one of the buttons on, which controls the elevator that Ickis, Oblina, Urbab, and Kriggle are on. They fly out of the elevator and are left dangling over the edge of the building. When Krumm finds out about this, he slides down the building, navigates through the city streets (scaring away all the humans there in the process as well), and grabs his glasses out of the dorm room. He returns to the construction site and rescues the other monsters from falling to their demises.

Back at the dorm room, the monsters congratulate Krumm for his heroism and apologize to him for making fun of him. Urbab and Kriggle leave and when Krumm is about to go to bed, he notices that his eyeballs are bouncing out of his glass of water. When he, Ickis, and Oblina see that a drop of liquid has leaked through the roof and fallen inside the glass of water, they go outside of the dump and find a puddle of the disinfectant that leaked through The Monsters' dorm room and into Krumm's glass of water, cleaning his eyeballs, which was why his vision was blurry. So the monster eye doctor dips Krumm's eyes into a glass of sludge and Krumm's vision is finally clear. The Monsters walk away, leaving Zimbo (who had been stomped on to the ground by Krumm earlier) stuck into a hole crying for help.

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