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Slickis (Father) Grickis (Grandfather)
First Appearance
The Switching Hour (Aaahh!!! Real Monsters', 1994)
Last Appearance
Ghost Story (Rugrats, 1999)

Ickis is the main protagonist of the series. His method of scaring humans is the ability to grow bigger. However, due to Ickis' large ears, he is often confused with a bunny rabbit. Ickis also has feet in the shape of an elf's shoe. Ickis also tends to be on the nervous side and often has a lack of self-confidence, partly from trying to live up to the legacy of his father, Slickis, who was the academy's most renowned student. Ickis is room-mates with Oblina and Krumm, and he is also best friends with them. He goes to the Monster Academy along with many other monsters.


The worst thing about being a monster that might be considered "cute" by humans is that it comes as a disadvantage when you're trying to scare people! Ickis knows this all too well, but he's been working on perfecting his scare strategies even before he began attending the Gromble's school. Ickis has big shoes to fill, as his dad Slickis is a legendary monster who is famous for his scares. This definitely puts the pressure on Ickis, but his best friends Krumm and Oblina always help him out of the many jams he gets himself into.

Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina

Ickis and his friends.


Ickis is mostly red-purple. His eyes are yellow and his lips are lavender. He has two big rabbit-like ears, has two arms and two short legs with feet that resemble jester/elf shoes. His eyes becomes red and his teeth turn sharp when he scares sometimes. It can also be assumed that Ickis is fuzzy in texture and appearance due to the description Krumm gives himself as "Krickis" in Episode 15. (Season 1, Episode 8b)


Ickis has appeared in every episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. His first appearance was in The Switching Hour. His last was in Ghost Story.


  • In the pilot episode and Monsters, Get Real!, Ickis wears glasses.
  • Ickis once was mistaken for a criminal in disguise.
  • After reading an Ultra Monster comic, Ickis decided to become a superhero.
  • His scare mode involves his eyes filling up with blood, growing fangs, and growing many times his size.
  • Ickis likes human babies.
  • It is hinted that he will one day be Gromble's successor the reasons that he's going through the same trails like Gromble did when Gromble was his age.
  • Ickis is the leader of the trio.
  • He fell in love with a puppet named Judy.


Picture Slideshow

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  • "Did I ever tell you I think those shoes look great on you"
  • "All Done?"
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  • Floating on Cloud 9
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