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Library Monster


First Appearance
Beverly Archer

Library Monster is a monster who works in the Monster Academy Library. While she maintains a positive demeanor, she seems to secretly be unsure of her abilities.


Library Monster is tall and pink-fleshed with three eyes on stalks, two long arms and four stout legs. She has two large appendages coming off the sized of her head that she uses to hold a film reel that runs through her head and displays images on the screen in her face. She also has fleshy pockets in which she holds books.


Attack of the Blobs: Ickis goes to Library monster to get information about blarp, after incorrectly identifying him as a woodchuck and a chainsaw, she provides Ickis with the information on Blarp's species.

Krumm Gets the Dreaded Nolox: Ickis and Oblina consult the Library Monster about Krumm's hicoughing condition, and she shows them an informative film.

Monster Who Came In From the Cold: Library monster is used to show Oblina a monster training film.

Puppy Ciao: She is knocked off a ladder by Fungus.



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