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Attack of the BlobsAttack of the Blobs/GalleryAustralian Broadcasting Corporation
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Battle of the CenturyBeast With Four EyesBelch Monsters
Bigfoot, Don't Fail Me NowBlibBlind Love, Monster Love
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Chip off the Old BeastChombleChuckie
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David LittDavid PavoniDietrich DuChamp
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Dr. Buzz KutDr. EvilDr. Myron C. Luxor
Eau de KrummEllis RobinsonEric Mintz
Escape ClawsExposia VertovEye Full of Wander
Fear, Thy Name is IckisFestival of the Festering MoonFistful of Toenails
Fistful of Toenails/GalleryFrunkFungus
GaloothGarbage AhoyGarbage In, Garbage Out
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HairyetteHalHall of Records
HalugaHats OffHats Off/Gallery
History of the Monster WorldHomeHooked on Phobics
I Dream of Snorch with the Long Golden HairI Heard the Snorch Call My NameIbalo
IckisIckis/GalleryIckis Plush
Ickis and the Red ZimboInternal AffairsInto the Woods
It's Only a MovieJaden Is Scare Kriggle MonsterJake
Joined at the HipKalugaKilowog
Klasky CsupoKrickisKriggle
KrummKrumm's PimpleKrumm's Pimple/Gallery
Krumm/GalleryKrumm Gets AheadKrumm Gets the Dreaded Nolox
Krumm Goes HollywoodKrumm PlushKrumm Rises to the Top
Krumm Spring EyesLance KhazeiLaugh, Krumm, Laugh
Lawrence H. LevyLeakikusLeaky
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List of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters video gamesList of main characters in Aaahh!!! Real MonstersList of recurring characters in Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
List of voice actors in Aaahh!!! Real MonstersLoch Ness MessLoch Ness Monster
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Monster HunterMonster LibraryMonster Who Came In From the Cold
MonstersMonsters, Get Real!Monsters/Terminology
Monsters Are FunMonsters Are RealMonsters Are Real/Gallery
Monsters Don't DanceMonstrous Make-OverMother, May I?
MurrayNick Scene It?Nickelodeon (TV channel)
Nicktoons RacingNickyNolox
Nuclear and Present DangerO'Lucky MonsterOblina
Oblina/GalleryOblina PlushOblina Without a Cause
Oblina and the Three HumansOld MonsterOut of the Past
Paramount PicturesPeter GaffneyPhuepal
PilotPirate MonstersPlastoog
Puppy CiaoQuest for the Holy PailRichard Marcus
Rock Star SuedeRookie MonstersRosh-O-Monster
Scott KregorShe Likes Me?Ship of Fools
Shorty McGintyShowdownShroink
ShumSide by SideSimon
Simon's Big ScoreSimon Strikes BackSimpah
SkritchSlick IckSlickis
SlimebucketSloolupSlumber Scare
SmeldraSmile and Say OblinaSmile and Say Oblina/Gallery
Snorched If You Do, Snorched If You Don'tSpontaneously CombustibleSpy vs. Monster
StazulaSteveSteve Granat
Student HousingStudentsSublima
Super IckisSusan MeyersTelevision New Zealand
The Curse of KatanaThe Five Faces of IckisThe Great Escape
The Great WaveThe Great Wave/GalleryThe Gromble
The Gromble/GalleryThe Gromble/Gromble GagsThe Ickis Box
The Ickis Box/GalleryThe Lips Have ItThe Master Monster
The Monster AcademyThe Pool of EldersThe Rival
The SkrinkThe SnorchThe Snorch's Chamber
The SubstituteThe Switching HourThe Switching Hour/Gallery
The Switching Hour (book)The Teddy Bear Under The BedThe Tree of Ickis
The War's OverThings That Go BumpThis Is Your Brain on Ickis
Tommy PicklesUrbabValley View Mall
VloranaWake Me When It's OverWalk Like a Man
Watch the WatchWerfelWhere Have All the Monsters Gone?
Where Have All the Monsters Gone?/GalleryWho'll Stop the Brain?William Schifrin
WodgetWormYou Only Scare Twice

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