Monster Who Came In From the Cold is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season.

Monster Who Came In From the Cold
Episode 35 (Season 2, Episode 6a)
Airdate October 14, 1995
Directed by Igor Kovalyov
Written by Steve Skrovan

Spencer Green
Mary Elizabeth Williams

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
"Goin' (Way) South"
"Puppy Ciao"

Characters present


Oblina wants to know how it feels to be a girl, and decides to infiltrate the human race in a "human suit." When the suit malfunctions, and Oblina eats cotton candy from it, she starts thinking she's a human. Now, Ickis and Krumm have to rescue her, and deprogram her thought of being a person.


At the Monster Academy, The Gromble introduces the class to Dr. Buzz Kut, who works at MASA, the Monster Above-ground Sewage Administration. He shows the class a human disguise used to spy on human world discreetly. Oblina is chosen to test the human suit, but when see tries it on, she ends up scaring herself when she sees her reflection in a mirror and faints. Later, she tries human food, but becomes disgusted of the taste. When Dr. Buzz Kut shows her a cutout of a human, Oblina gets into scare mode, but Dr. Buzz Kut tells her that she must resist her urge to scare. He offers her a cup of tea, which she reluctantly drinks.

Later, at the Monster Academy, a video of Krumm and Ickis saying goodbye to Oblina is shown and Oblina is blasted from the sewers and into a front lawn of the outside world. In deference to Dr. Buzz Kut, she takes a school bus, where the other human children hog the seats from her right before she sits adjacent to a girl named Frieda, who is sitting behind a human boy named Stan, who pulls the hair of Oblina's human disguise. At the academy, Buzz Kutt tells the students to take notes of how humans express love by inflicting pain.

At A.J. Wahorn Junior High School, Stan, who is sitting alone, smiles at Oblina. He then gets picked on by two other guys named Mick and Rick. Oblina sticks up for Stan and tries to scare the other two guys, only for Dr. Buzz Kutt to remind her to squelch her urge to scare. A food fight is then instigated in the cafeteria.

After school, Oblina goes to an amusement park named Wacky World with Frieda and Stan. While the three are riding on a roller coaster, the monsters back at the academy take more notes while watching the video. After the ride, Frieda and Stan try to go on it again while Oblina is convinced that love equals pain while nausea equals fun. She ends up playing games with the two human children and is later offered cotton candy. When she eats it, the human suit begins to malfunction, scaring away the other from inside the video gaming room, much to Gromble's fury.

Back at Wacky World, Ickis and Krumm approach Oblina and try to take her home. But Oblina now has the mind of a human being, saying that she is home. She eventually passes out and Ickis and Krumm take her back to the academy to get Dr. Buzz Kut to remove the human suit off of her, which Gromble successfully does. Although Oblina is no longer in the human suit, she still has the mind of a human being. So Dr. Buzz Kut decides to condescend to deprogramming her and take her to the library to watch a video of monsters always prevailing against the humans. But when Ickis and Krumm try to get her to eat monster food, Oblina ties them up to a chair and explains her freedom to be one of the humans. She turns to leave and Ickis manages to untie himself and Krumm out of the chair to beg his friend to come back, but to no avail, very much to his heartbreak.

On the city streets, Oblina tries to convince the humans that she is one of them, but she only ends up scaring them away. When she sees Stan being picked on by Mick and Rick at the park again, she remembers her time in the human suits and scares away the two bullies, as well as Frieda and Stan unintentionally. Ickis and Krumm come around to congratulate Oblina for her scare, and The Monsters reunite.

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