Pirate Monsters


First Appearance

The Pirate Monsters are very mean. They steal toenails from innocent monsters and are nasty-looking. The Pirates ride the sewers on a pirate ship. The Pirate Monsters may or may not have actually existed.


There are four Pirate Monsters

  • Purple stout body with thick leg and thin arms. Left leg is skeletal, left hand is a ball with two pincers.
  • Blue cannon-shaped body with spikes on top and bulbous eyes, has wheels for feet. Is capable of projecting sludge out of its mouth like a cannon.
  • Brown with thin arms and legs with large bulbous hands and feet with two claws each. Has a hook on the end of its tongue is is able to emit clouds of yellow gas.
  • Purplish grey with wide body with big mouth, eyes are on thick appendages each of which wears a bowler hat. Has a spiked ball in place of left hand and plays the concertina.


Cold Hard Toenails: The Pirate Monsters appear in a story told by Wodget, they attack another ship and find a chest of toenails—that turn out to be worthless fingernails.


The skull on the Pirate Monsters' flag resembles to Zabliner.


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